Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kicking off the Holiday season....

Our holidays started with a bang....We had an idea that we wanted to do something very different this year for our Christmas card and still somehow incorporate Liam into the picture. We looked online for a long time for some inspiration and funny enough it was found in pictures done by pregnant women for Halloween. They had painted their round bellies to look like pumpkins and immediately we knew we had to paint my belly somehow for Christmas. With the help of my dear friend Kevin, we were in touch with a wonderful lady named Margee Halsch ( She's an abstract artist in the area and came highly recommended by Kevin. I gave her a call and she immediately loved our idea and said this would be the first time for her as well using skin as a canvas. We were excited to see what she might come up with! The end result was so perfect....very cute  with 3 snowmen representing Adam, Liam and I. Here's some fun pictures from our day!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Halfway home....

Today Liam is 20 weeks away from coming home.....It has all gone so fast.....I feel like we just found out he was even real and now to feel him kicking and moving just makes me so happy. I lay awake at night now more recently because apparently his clock is already off from ours. But it's worth every sleepless moment....he kicks and moves, responds to my voice and tumbles in my belly like he's doing cartwheels. I don't want this to go too fast because I want to remember every precious kick but I also cannot wait to lay my eyes on his gorgeous face. We have alot to do in the 2nd half of this pregnancy....we still have to find a daycare, a pediatrician, finish the nursery,etc. Most importantly, we have to remember this sweet time in our lives....we've created a life together.... a life that will be with us in 140 days.

An amazing father

When I met Adam, I had never seen him around a child. We were both so young and so immature and to see him grow into the man he is today has been an amazing journey. The day we found out we were pregnant was the start of a spark in him. I have never seen such joy on his face, such warmth in his eyes....he was about to be a father. I get to watch him now as he talks to Liam in my belly.....I can't wait to watch him interact with his son. He's going to be a father that encourages, that his son can be proud to look up to for example, that he can talk to about anything, that will give him the tough love when he needs it, one who will encourage his dreams and be his shoulder to lean on. A father that will teach him to be strong in his faith in God and to not be afraid to share it with the world. And most importantly, he will lead by example of strength in the face of any adversity able to conquer anything that comes his way. He will raise a strong, christian young man that will make amazing strides in the world.
Recently, he's been getting excited about preparing the nursery for Liam's arrival. Here's some pics of our most recent project....Adam repainted an old table that I've had for looks so great now.

It will sit beside the glider and I'm sure will be the perfect place for wonderful books to read to Liam or the perfect little lamp.

Liam's Nursery

We want Liam to have a super happy place to sleep in and play. A place where he can feel soothing when he needs it and joy in his playtime. A place of discovery, laughter, restful sleep and growth. We've decided on all white furniture and beautiful green walls. Adam and I have always been huge fans of animals, nature,etc. but we also didn't want the nursery to be "cheesy" in anyway or too themed. We've had a hard time finding a fun bedding with a modern twist but finally found one recently. We're so excited about the bright colors and the subtle hints at animals.

We have a vision of vintage toys that we're currently on the hunt for and fun little touches to decorate the walls. It's still a work in progress but everyday I walk into his room and dream. I dream of rocking him to sleep at night and singing him lullabies. I dream of first smiles, first steps, playtime with the puppies and watching his eyes light up as he learns all the world around him. I can't wait to welcome our Liam into this little haven cut out in our small place in this world. He is going to be one blessed little boy and we are so blessed to be on this journey to get him here.

The surprise weekend...

Shortly after Adam and I found out that we'd be having a boy...we immediately hopped in the car to drive home to see my family. The original plan was to wait until Thanksgiving but I just couldn't stand the thought of waiting that long. So we piled the dogs in the car and drove the 3 hours to my parents house. As we walked into the house that evening, everyone was so floored to see us-they had no idea at all we'd be coming in for the weekend. Then we gave them gift bags full of goodies to help them figure out the wonderful surprise....
We gave Patrick a neat little book we found:

Inside we wrote Uncle Pat a little letter from his nephew how about excited he was that his cool uncle Pat would be teaching him all the wonderful things that will make mommy cringe. I can't wait to see these two together.....

We also gave Pat a Yankees Pacifier in honor of his favorite baseball team. Daddy and Mama both got bags full of goodies including a picture of our ultrasound with a frame that said "It's a Boy."
We also found these awesome little bibs to keep at Grandpa and Grammie's house.....I just adore how cute daddy is...He was sooooo proud when he found out Liam was being named after him.