Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a weekend....Part 3

I can't fully tell the rest of my story properly only because I don't have all my pics back yet from my b-day weekend but I'll stop keeping everyone in suspense. So, Mama said we had to get going immediately...I thought something is up here but I kept my mouth shut! We got back to the house where Daddy and Adam were waiting to watch me drool over all my new preggers clothes and suddenly I get a phone call. It was my sister-in-law Katie....."what are you doing?" of course I answer back with all the news about my exciting day...until she says, "why don't you take a look outside the window of the house!!!" Standing outside were my 3 gorgeous sister-in-laws, Maddie, Izzy and Katie (whom might I add were "supposed" to be out of town)....next to the most awesome antique car I'd ever seen with a chauffered driver. I screamed, freaked out, asked all kinds of questions.....turns out, Mama and Daddy knew the whole time....they were taking pics like I was at the prom....and Adam was saying over and over...go, get out there, they are waiting for you....mind you, I had not even taken a shower yet that day, flip flops, grungy jeans and ponytail. They were there to wisk me away....we hopped in the car and off we went....our cute little driver, Mark, from Barcelona, was there to take us to our destination in a 1969 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow....All I could say was "who did this?" over and over and it turns out Adam had been planning this for months.....what an amazing surprise! He got me good! We arrived shortly at our destination....a day of mani/pedi's with my 3 favorite girls at Polish Nail Bar! How great was this!!!
I thought this has to be it....but no, the girls put me back in the car and said Mark is taking you to your NEXT destination. I was floored!!!!
I felt like royalty driving thru the city streets of Charlotte in this stunning car.....people looking at me at every light....wondering who I was and what I was about....because this thing was fancy!!! Mark drove me into Uptown Charlotte and dropped me off at the front door of the famous Dunhill Hotel......he said you need to go inside.....and left me at my destination full of wonder and excitement. Then I saw him....my Adam....dressed to the nines, carrying a gorgeous, HUGE bouquet of fragrant pink roses. He was a vision and I immediately started crying...."what have you done?? I can't believe you planned of all this." You could see relief in his eyes and pure joy as his surprise had come together. I was then taken upstairs to our gorgeous suite for the night...he had planned everything....I had all my tolietries, a bag packed, a pretty dress to wear....it was our night together...while my parents (who remember knew the whole time) had come down just for the weekend to see me for my birthday and took the time to stay at our place, order chinese food, watch a movie and keep the puppies. I am forever grateful for that! A night away....our first since finding out the baby was on the way....it was absolutely amazing....I've never, ever had a surprise like it.....We then had an amazing dinner downstairs at the Monticello restaurant in the hotel, we relaxed late night in our room with room service dessert, and woke up early early to watch the sunrise over Charlotte on the first day of my 30th year. Every minute, every laugh, every tear, every smile....genuine, loving and heartfelt...
Thank you Adam......you never cease to amaze me.....you outdid yourself this time baby! Thank you for making my 30th my best birthday yet!
 Here are just some of the pics of my amazing day:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What a weekend....Part 2

Saturday was amazing....Mama and I got a great early morning start to a gorgeous fall day in Charlotte!! We were off for a girls day of shopping and lunch. We found a great maternity consignment shop called Womb and found some cute pieces. Here are some pics of me modeling their "fake belly" with my new cute top....

We finished our awesome morning with lunch at Dean and Deluca in Southpark-sat outside in the warm sun with the breeze in our face, warm turkey and brie sandwiches with orange marmalade, fresh fruit...just us girls...it was so fun to hear mama tell me stories all about when she was pregnant with us....her dreams, her fears, her joys....what a special day for us to share together....it made us realize that this baby is truly real....we are so blessed! This child will have the most amazing grandparents....my mom and dad!
Around 2:15 we were about to hit the stores at Phillips Place shopping center and mama looks at her watch "We have to go...right now." I knew something was up....boy was I in for a HUGE surprise!!!!

What a weekend....Part 1

Well I did it...I made it to 30! I have a big blog to come that I have been thinking about for awhile now just reflecting on my 20's but I can't do that without showing everyone the amazing weekend I was blessed with.....

My sweet parents made the 3 hour trec from Raleigh/Cary area to come see me for the weekend....we had a great dinner out on Friday night at our favorite local spot, Revolution....
This guy works in the kitchen....sang Happy Birthday to me Opera style!! So fun!

Thank you for sharing my weekend Daddy and Mama!