Friday, May 7, 2010

3 weeks....

Today Liam is 3 weeks old...sometimes I still stare at him in awe that he's even here....I can't believe we've been blessed with this angel. I even have thoughts sometimes like "how did one little fertilized egg the size of a pin head turn into these sweet little ears, this perfect little nose,etc." I can't wrap my head around his creation and I can't stop my heart from swelling beyond its borders with love for him. Sometimes it feels like he's always been with us and then I write he's only 3 weeks old today and it blows me away.
At three weeks, he's starting to finally get on a good schedule. He sleeps at 3-5 hour stretches just depending on his mood that day and he's eating like a champ. Breastfeeding is going incredibly well and I'm starting to get a little nervous about when I return to work that somehow it will mess that process up. Hopefully I can start to establish a schedule with that as well so when I do go back we have a smooth transition. He's also a very strong little boy already. Constantly gripping our fingers, kicking his legs and holding his head up a lot!
He makes the funniest faces and I keep thinking I see a smile creeping in when we "talk" to each other. I also love his songs...he sings....honestly he does....his cooing sounds like a song....the boy is starting his music career already! Makes a mama proud!
This weekend is Mother's Day.....I can't believe I can celebrate this holiday....I'm a mother...holy cow that sounds weird. I am so blessed to mother this child....I heard a great quote the other day.....That "children are not ours...they belong to God but that God chooses earthly guardians to watch over and teach his angels until He can care for them." I am so honored to be Liam's guardian, his mother, his cheerleader.....He is certainly my perfect angel, my monkey, my sweet baby, my son.