Monday, September 13, 2010

Liam at 5 months.....

You are now 5 months old…..I know I say it all the time but words just can’t express how fast this time is passing. One day you’re so dependent on me for everything and the next you’re holding your own bottle and finding your own way to entertain yourself in the mornings as mommy gets ready for work. This really is a special time my little man…The fall is coming….I can feel it….I wish you realized just what this means but one day it will all make sense. Just know that mommy and daddy are super excited to share this time of year with you. Fall means change… Fall means color….crunchy leaves underfoot….warm cozies to bed…..slippers on your feet… cocoa around a fire with friends….Football……warm chili on a cool day…..snuggling under a blanket…crisp nights and cool mornings…..lightweight coats…..trips to the mountains… pumpkin patch…pumpkin bread….sweaters….scarves….static in your hair….pumpkin spice anything…smell of homemade goodies throughout the house…football……..wait did I already say that? Football? Oh yeah that is the most important!! We are a football family son….Daddy is a Raiders fan and one day that will become all very clear to you and it’s meaning and Mommy is a Panthers fan……Some of our best memories revolve around football, around fall weather, around lazy Sundays on the couch snuggled up together under a blanket….and now, for the first time, you get to experience it all with us. We can’t wait to watch you in this season…..I have a feeling you’re going to be a fall loving baby…’re such a big snuggle bug already…..Plus, we’ve recently learned you just love squash-actually your new favorite food….so you’re speaking right to mommy’s heart….I see lots of yummy squash casserole being shared between us….daddy doesn’t like it so much but we’ll eat it a lot! You’re doing great in daycare….sleeping well, playing well and just an overall happy kid. You love green beans, peas, squash, pears, banana and peaches. You are eating oatmeal twice a day and you still love showers before bed. Your favorite toy right now is anything that is soft-because EVERYTHING is going into your mouth-so you like to chew on it or throw it and pick it back up. You think daddy is so funny. Your laugh is infectious and beautiful. You’ve started scooting like crazy and your butt shoots up in the air like you want to push off to crawl and then it falls back down….You’re so close….we’re gonna have a mover on our hands in no time! You’re growing like a weed…I can barely keep you in 6 months clothes right now.
And years from now when you read this and understand it…. Daddy and I just want you to know that we love you…’ll always be loved….you are amazing…you are funny…you are the sunshine in our days….and you have changed our lives for the better. We love you little man!