Thursday, June 3, 2010

6 weeks old....

You are six weeks old monkey! My have you changed in such a short amount of time. At your one month appointment we found out you had grown so much! You were 11 pounds and 22 inches long and Dr. McDowell says you are right on schedule and eating well. You even had your first shot....I think mommy was more scared than you but we all made it through okay! You have definitely started showing your personality as well. You are love ceiling fans, your monkey on your jungle gym and playing with mommy and daddy. Your newest trick is standing...we hold your arms but you are so strong that you push right up and get the most excited, accomplished look on your face when you reach the top of your stance. You sleep less during the day and are so active and holding your head up so well. You love the soon as we sit on our front porch at night you "coo" at everything and look mesmerized at your surroundings. Daddy and I sit and dream about all the things you could be when you grow love thunderstorms...maybe a meteorologist? You love music....maybe a guitar player? who knows?
Over Memorial Day weekend, you and Mommy went on a road trip to Grammie and Grandpa's house in Cary. You did so well in the car and slept the whole drive there and the entire drive back. We had so much fun playing with Grandpa, Grammie and Uncle Pat and you even met some of your great aunts and uncles.
We are so blessed by you little make us proud to be your mommy and daddy. We can't wait to watch you grow over this next month and we are anticipating smiling and laughing soon!
We love you Liam!