Thursday, May 19, 2011

Liam at 13 months

Sweet are 13 months old now! I'm still working on getting pictures together of your 1st birthday were such a good boy and had a great time with all of your buddies!
At 13 months you are 26 pounds and all boy...rough and tumble for sure! You have moved up to a new class called the Kittens at school....Ms. Betty, Ms. Jane and Ms. Keisha are your teachers. You have so much more room to play and move in your new class where hopefully within weeks you'll be taking your first are so close just not quite sure enough to let go and just be free. You no longer sleep in a crib at school but you're very own little cot where you are averaging 3 hour naps daily. You are also sitting at cute little tables to more highchair at school for you! Your favorite foods right now include goldfish crackers, strawberries, bananas, spaghetti, waffles with peanut butter and anything with apples! You have also been quite the chatter words this month are: "ball", "duck duck" (bathtub rubber duckie), "daddy", "mama", "bye bye" and "sheeshush" which is your way of saying Jesus!
We're also dealing with a bit of sickness the past few months you have been fighting something called RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus). RSV showed up suddenly with fevers, runny noses, heavy coughing and wheezing in your chest. You haven't slept well and daddy and I have been very worried about you. For about 2 months now we've been doing breathing treatments for you everyday and thought we had seen a great turn for the better. About 2 weeks ago, the symptoms flared up again.....our poor little man just off his game and missing the sparkle in his eye and smirky little grin. We finally took you back to the doctor today and got the best explanation of what we need to do long term to help you get better. RSV in young children can cause lung tissues to be sensitive to outside pollutants, allergens and colds. This is true esp in babies under 2 years old...the doctor described RSV as a forest comes in and does alot of damage at once and over time it goes out but sometimes there are little embers that can flare up again until eventually they are all put out and it goes away completely. The only cure for RSV is time....and until then, any little colds or exposure to irritants/allergens can turn into things that cause wheezing, fevers,etc. We do have things that can help....for the next 3 months Daddy and I will be helping you take medicines to help you breathe better 2 times a day...Mommy will give you medicines before we take you to school, sometimes your teachers will have to give you medicines at school after you play outside and then at night, we'll do your medicines again before you go night night. The doctor also told us today this could lead to asthma down the road but we'll deal with that when and if we do face it. We did get a great report on your new ear infections and your tubes look to still be in place and working well!
As I write this Liam, I am hopeful...You are a trooper my little have been through so much health wise in your first year....Everyone tells mommy this is good because it means you're getting it out of your system now instead of waiting until kindergarten.  RSV is just a temporary setback in your awesome growth and development. You are excelling in more ways than we can count in every other aspect of your world. We will beat this little stubborn virus...Daddy and I hate to see you upset, in pain, tired from all the medicines and such but we know you can beat this! You have your daddy's determination...and I am here my love to snuggle and cuddle as much as you need if you're feeling yucky. One day we'll all look back on this time and be able to say we got out ok....God is watching over you my love and He alone will heal you and make your path straight!
I love you  my sweet very much! 

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  1. God watches over your sweet boy more than anyone can and congrats becos ur son is well.