Saturday, January 1, 2011

This sums it all up..

The joy we felt last night celebrating the New Year is summed up in this one single shot of Liam. The month of December has been the best of 2010 by far. Watching the joy of the holidays through the imagination of our son was something I will never forget. His joy was contagious, his curiosity was infectious and his laughter was priceless. To know that God blessed us with the gift of His Son during the Christmas season and then some 2000 years later, we were blessed with this son to watch during Christmas and to celebrate is beyond anything I can even begin to comprehend. Per my last post, it was definitely a crazy 2010. But last night as the clock struck 12 we heard our sleeping boy stirring in his crib upstairs and we just knew he had to join in our celebrating. He was the best gift of this year and he had to be there to help us say goodbye to the year he was born and help us ring in the year he will continue to grow into a little man. Adam ran upstairs while I entertained friends and watched the ball drop....and then it hit me...the year my son was born is over. It was a weird feeling to think I could say I gave birth "last year" but I was grinning ear to ear with the next thought of Liam turning 1 "this year." And I watched as Adam brought Liam down the stairs to join in our festivities and I paused with him on the stairs. His eyes were filled with tears and I wiped one away as it rolled down his cheek. I just knew the feeling had overwhelmed him and he said "I just lost it upstairs...I picked him up out of his crib and it was just one of those moments when it hit me that he is my son." We both just stood there and grinned, our sleepy boy in his green footie pj's with his hair messy from his crib, and we had a family moment....just the 3 of us...2010 was over....the year of challenge, sickness, happiness, depression, tears, smiles and so much more. And we were all together to celebrate the start of a new year together....our first "full" year with our sweet boy....and it was time to just smile, hug our boy, kiss my sweet husband and enjoy the moment. We stayed up long after our friends left....and just chatted about he lunged towards us with huge sloppy wet kisses and smiles that could make the most sad person smile. Trading stories back and forth about our year and how much Liam has changed us for the better. So much joy, joy beyond measure....

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